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Sunday, 16 December 2018
Dubbo New Year Carnival

The annual Dubbo New Year’s Carnival will be held on January 4 and 5.

The carnival has been ongoing for over 40 years and caters for Little A’s and Seniors athletes.

“This year we have managed to get Athletics NSW to sanction the event which means that athletes can qualify for nationals with their results,” Mick Gardiner, Regional Athletics Coordinator – Dubbo, said.

Details on how to enter can be found at this link: https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=30533&OrgID=914.


Friday, 14 December 2018
Rules for Colbert Shield

Please note the rules in relation to the Colbert Shield, which is due to be held on Saturday December 15, 2018. Please note that in the event of wet weather the race may be postponed, as athletes are not permitted to wear spikes for safety reasons.

  • ​T​he Colbert Shield is a shuttle relay run over a 100m distance
  • Running spikes are ​NOT permitted ​across any age group
  • ​S​tarting blocks are prohibited at any time during the race (including the first runner)
  • Each Club associated with the Manly Warringah Little Athletics Centre enters a team
  • Each team consists of 40 athletes comprised of​;
  • 20 boys and 20 girls​ registered with their Club
  • 2 males and 2 females from each age group​ from under 7 to under 17
  • Athletes must run in their assigned age group
  • If a Club does not have ​enough registered athletes in a particular age group at competition on the day that the Colbert Shield is run, then athletes from a younger age group may “run up” an age group (or more than 1 age group). Clubs​ must make sure there are no athletes available in an age group before they allow an athlete ​to run up an age group​.
  • In the event a Club does not have enough athletes to field a full team then athletes may run multiple legs providing they run either in their age group or up an age ​group.
  • A ​Club cannot “borrow” athletes from other Clubs​.
  • ​Age groups are run in ascending order starting with the youngest age group and finishing with the oldest age group​.
  • ​Male runners start at the Western end of the track
  • ​Female runners start at the Eastern end of the track
  • ​Runners must start behind their end’s start line (males start behind the traditional 100m start line on the 100m track, females start behind the traditional finish line of the 100m track)
  • ​W​hen a runner has finished their leg they must:
    • stay in their lane
    • go to the back of their Club’s que​ue
    • sit down unless wet (for safety purposes and to see how many runners are left)
  • The winning Club is the Club whose last (40th) runner crosses the finish line with baton in ​their ​hand before the last runner of any other Club.
  • A Club will not be disqualified if all of their runners are not sitting down however the parent helpers should try and get the athletes who have completed their leg to sit down for safety purposes.
  • Full Club Uniform must be worn
  • ​Spectators must remain outside the of the track.​
Friday, 14 December 2018
Congratulations to MWLAC Regional Qualifiers

The list of Regional Qualifiers has been finalised. Click here to download the list.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018
Colbert Shield – December 15

The annual Colbert Shield event will be held on Saturday December 15.

Colbert Shield is a popular Inter-Club Relay Competition. It consists of four athletes per age group from each club (2 boys and 2 girls) from U/7’s to U/17’s competing against each other in a 100m shuttle relay.

It will be held in addition to regular competition on that day.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018
Training reminder

A reminder that Centre training next Monday (December 10) will be the last session before the Christmas break. The first Monday night training in 2019 will be held on January 14.

The final club training session for Manly, Cromer and Peninsula in 2018 will be Wednesday December 12. Training for those clubs will resume on January 16.