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Wednesday, 4 December 2019
U6 Pocket Rocket Registrations

MWLAC’s Under 6 Pocket Rockets registration is now open and will close on December 14. To register please visit the following LANSW registration page

 Please read through our Q&A below for further information:


We look forward to welcoming new families and younger siblings of existing families to our U6 Pocket Rockets in January. Below is a series of questions and answers that should be of help.


Q&A U6 Pocket Rockets


How old does my child have to be to join the U6 Pocket Rockets?

Children must be born between 01 January 2014 – 31 December 2014


When does the Pocket Rocket season run?

Its runs from 10 January 2020 to 7 March 2020


How do I register my child?

Parents and carers interested in registering their child should visit the LANSW registration page


I have other children who compete at MWLAC. Am I a “new” or “renewing” registration member?

You are registering as a new athlete (not a renewal)


Is the registration process the same as all other age groups?

Yes, you register your child at the same LANSW registration page however the only available option will be Under-6


Do I have to do parent duties?

No, there is no need to do parent duties in the U6s


What is the cost of registering?

Cost of Pocket Rocket registration is $85. If using an Active Kids Voucher the registration is essentially free, however there will be no reimbursement for the $15 surplus


What events do the kids participate in?

Sprints, throwing, long jump and longer distance


Once I finish registration what happens?

You will be sent a welcome email post December 14 with further details


Why do I need to register for other clubs (eg. Wakehurst) under the Manly Warringah Centre?

Manly Warringah Little Athletics Centre is one of the largest Little Athletics clubs in NSW (beaten only by Balmain!). As we are so large, sub clubs have evolved over the area to form Seaforth, Wakehurst, Manly, Cromer and Peninsula. Please ensure you register closest to the area in which you live (eg. Balgowlah = Seaforth, Palm Beach – Narrabeen = Peninsula, Forestville = Wakehurst)


Will there be other competitions my child can participate in this season such as zone or intra-club competitions?

No, our U6 Pocket rockets only compete within the MWLAC Saturday morning competitions at Narrabeen Academy of Sport


Is there training available for my child?

Yes. More information on training can be found here.


What do they wear?

Black shorts and a plain t-shirt is all that is required. Uniforms are available for purchase but are not compulsory for Pocket Rockets


Who looks after them?

An age manager will be appointed to guide the kids around during competition. Remember all age managers are volunteers !! Your support and assistance in making the day fun for everyone is required


How long do they compete for?

Competition for Pocket Rockets usually runs for around 2 hours commencing at 8am on Saturdays and 5.30pm on Friday nights (in January 2020)


Are all events compulsory?

Kids are encouraged to participate in all events but nothing is compulsory if a child does not wish to participate in a particular event


Can the parents follow them during the competition?

Yes, parents can follow their child. It is strongly encouraged that you help the age manager wherever possible. This includes crowd control


What should I bring each week?

Water bottle, sunscreen, some food to nibble on, a hat. Please inform the age manager of any specific help issues, such as asthma


Can I drop my child and leave?

No, we are not a child care centre. A parent or guardian of a Pocket Rocket is expected to be at the competition at all times.


What if my child does not wish to continue with little athletics?

We understand that children of such a young age can change their mind and not wish to continue with little athletics. Please note however there are no refunds.


Who do I contact if I have further questions?

You can contact our Registrars: Shanna and Tonia at this email address: registrar@manlywarringahlittleathletics.org.au

Sunday, 1 December 2019
No Monday night training December 2

Athletes and families are reminded that Monday night training is not held immediately following the Zone Carnival.

Therefore both centre training and the 3000m race for under-13 to under-17 competitors will not be held on December 2.

Friday, 29 November 2019
FINAL REMINDERS – Zone Championships

We look forward to seeing your athletes compete at the Zone Championships over the weekend. Below are a few important points to read over.


On behalf of MWLAC we wish all athletes, parents and officials the very best for the weekend!



The FINAL program is available below. As well as the Not Before Time, a Track Time Guide has also been included. The Track Guide Time is the anticipated event time but is to be used as an indicator only. Click the links below to check for any changes to your athlete’s event times:

The full 2019 NEMZ Meet Program can be found by clicking on the links below:



The Manly Warringah Centre [not club] Uniform must be worn with the following in order to compete:

  • Cloth Registration Number with the red border fully visible on the front of the Centre Uniform top (NOT the barcoded one worn on Saturdays)
  • Coles Patch on the front right shoulder of the Centre Uniform top
  • Age Patch on the front left hand side leg

Pins are acceptable, provided the patches are all secured well and do not ‘flap’ around loosely.



On arrival ALL athletes must register their attendance with the MWLAC Team Manager Tent. This must be done at least one hour before the ‘Not Before Time’ of your first event as listed in the final program.



The first marshalling call for track and field events will be at 8:00am on both days. For the first field events each day athletes will proceed directly to their event for marshalling at the competition area. For all other field event marshalling competitors must make their way to the designated field marshalling area located behind the 100m starting line on the front track.

Marshalling for track events will occur on the northern side of the track near the 1500m starting line.

Click here for a Map of the Centre



Each event will receive two marshalling calls. The first call will be made 20 – 25 minutes before the event start time followed by a second and final call 7 minutes later. In the case of track events, marshalling where possible will close 3 minutes later, with no athlete entries (except for field event clashes) permitted after that cut off point. This policy will ensure that seeding adjustments can be made in the event of multiple athlete withdrawals to ultimately provide a fairer outcome for all competitors.



Thank you to all parents who will be completing a duty this weekend. Your help is very much appreciated, we could not run a championship event of this size without your help.

In order to have your duty recorded you will need to sign in at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your duty with the MWLAC Team Manager located in the MWLAC Tent and collect your lanyard. You will need to return your lanyard and sign out at the conclusion of your duty.

Footwear – Due to State WH&S regulations, all volunteers in the competition area must be wearing enclosed shoes. If you arrive with bare feet, sandals or thongs the Officials Coordinator will have to reallocate you to another role.



MWLAC have Team Managers who are responsible for the liaison between athletes and carnival management throughout the weekend.  Only the Team Manager(s) are able to deal with officials and lodge protests over the weekend.



Shoes are compulsory for all competitors in all events.

U7 to U10: Spikes may not be worn in any event.

U11: Spikes may be worn in all track events run entirely in lanes, all jumps events and javelin.

U12 to U17: Spikes may be worn in all track events (except Walks), all jumps events, and javelin.

All competitors: Spikes with the spikes removed or blanks inserted may not be worn in any events.

No athlete may compete bare foot in any event.

Only Christmas Tree & Omni Lite pyramid spikes are permitted at Narrabeen. Should you turn up without them, Jim from Kings Track & Field will have stock available to purchase.




It is not uncommon to sight snakes at the venue. Please be alert and aware at all times, and for this reason it is strongly recommended that all adults and children wear enclosed shoes (not their spikes) when walking around the venue, particularly the upper throws area and long jumps 1 and 2 on the far side of the track away from the grandstand.



There is to be NO warming up inside the perimeter fence of the track after 8:00am on both days of the carnival.


COACHES AREA – (U12 – U17)

Where possible an area designated for coaches to speak with athletes will be clearly marked on the perimeter fence for all field events EXCEPT at Triple Jump pits 1 and 2 (due to the possibility for interference across the track).



There will be a Clash Manager (and assistants) responsible for collecting athletes from field events and taking them to track events when there is a clash. Where a clash has been noted, Team Managers will write the child’s events on their hand along with the ‘not before time’ so that the Event Chief and Clash Manager can more easily assist in identifying any event clashes during the day.

Event Chiefs will be instructed only to release children to designated Clash Manager/Assistants (identified by a lanyard). Parents MUST NOT remove children from an event. If they do, the child risks disqualification.



In addition to being posted on a notice board at the ground, all results will be available online as soon as possible after the event. Click here to access the results.



  • Full canteen and BBQ – with EFTPOS facility
  • First Aid by St John Ambulance Manly Warringah Division
  • Tensegrity Chiropractors
  • Kings’ Track & Field Supplies



Instant Photos are back this year. Martin & Vanessa will be at the track with their van situated inside the track entrance taking action pictures of the athletes. Speak to either of them for specific photo requests.



Due to the large number of athletes competing at the Zone Championships parking will be difficult at certain times of the day. Please allow ample time to find a park.

Monday, 25 November 2019
Zone Carnival this weekend

MWLAC would like to wish the best of luck to all our athletes competing at the Zone Carnival at the Narrabeen Academy of Sport this weekend (November 30 and December 1).

Athletes and their families are reminded that due to this weekend’s Zone Carnival, regular competition at Narrabeen will NOT be held.

For those heading to the carnival for early events, set up or parent duties, it may be worth noting that overnight roadworks are being conducted near the Northern Beaches Hospital that will close the Wakehurst Parkway between Warringah Road and Frenchs Forest Road until 7am both mornings. Detours will be in place.


Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Pocket Rocket registration period approaching

MWLAC will soon be opening registration for our “Pocket Rocket” under-6 athletes.

Registration will open on December 1 and will close on December 14.  The process for registrations is the same as for all other age groups (however the only available option will be Under 6).

Parents and carers interested in registering their child should visit https://memberdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&OrgID=914.

Cost of Pocket Rocket registration is $85. If using an Active Kids Voucher the registration is essentially free, however there will be no reimbursement for the $15 surplus.

Pocket Rocket competition will commence with the first of MWLAC’s twilight meetings on January 10, 2020.