Representative Selection & Awards

Representative Selection

Every athlete in the Centre has the opportunity to qualify for selection in higher competitions. Please ensure that you are familiar with this selection criteria for this season.


Selection Criteria 2018/19

To ensure that all athletes and parents are aware of the criteria used in the selection of athletes for Zone and State Relays, the following points are brought to your attention.
  • The Centre Selection Committee will select athletes based on Centre competition only. There will be no exception to this rule and the Committee’s decisions are final.
  • For State Relays a junior athlete (U8-U11) is required to have competed in an event 50% or more to be eligible for selection. Age Managers and the Selection committee will have the ability to determine the best athletes for selection.
  • For State Relays a senior athlete (U12-U17) is required to have competed in an event one or more times to be eligible for selection. Age Managers and the Selection committee will have the ability to determine the best athletes for selection.
  • For Zone a junior athlete (U7-U12) is required to have competed in an event 50% or more to be eligible for selection. Age Managers and the Selection committee will have the ability to determine the best athletes for selection.
  • For Zone a senior athlete (U13-U17) self selects their events, up to 6 events maybe selected.
  • Selection period for State Relays is Week 1-6 and for Zone the selection period is Week 1-8. These dates may change depending on the cut off dates of LANSW or any other unforeseen circumstances. The more an athlete has competed then we have greater confidence in an athlete’s performance when it comes to the Selection Committee reviewing nominations.
  • If an athlete wants to be selected for representative competitions it is advised that they compete in as many competitions as they can and perform at their best level to avoid disappointment.
  • An athlete not knowing when the “cut-off date” for selection is not grounds to appeal not qualifying for an event.

Athletes also need to keep in mind that State Relays is a team based competition. Selections are made based on combinations of athletes to give the best, strongest, overall teams across the different events while trying to give as many athletes the opportunity to represent the Centre. This may lead to athletes being selected for events other than their favourite event.

Parents must give a commitment of help for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours for each and every carnival at which their child participates. Parent duties are currently per family not per athlete.

Athletes who offer themselves for selection for the Zone Championships must  be available for the Regional & State Championships, if they qualify at Zone. If you are unlikely to be available because of clashes with other sports or activities, such as Nippers Carnivals, then they should notify their Age Manager prior to selection so that the Selection Committee can consider choosing alternative athletes whose availability is known.

Athletes from All Age Groups who qualify for Region & State are required to compete in all their qualified events. If you are unable to compete at Region or State for any reason, please ensure that you inform the Championships Officer before the end of the Zone or Region so that the reserve athlete is given the opportunity to compete in your place. Similarly, if you need transport to and from the Regional or State Carnivals contact your Age Manager so that a lift can be organised. Non-attendance because of transport difficulties is not an acceptable excuse.


Consequences of Failing to Compete

In past seasons there has been an escalation in the number of athletes who fail to compete at Representative Carnivals and also of parents failing to perform their required duties. Failing to compete obviously denies the next ranked athlete the opportunity to compete. In some instances a genuine reason is tendered in explanation. However, in the majority of cases it has been noted that many athletes fail to notify their Age Manager of their inability or unwillingness to compete beforehand or provide a genuine acceptable explanation. This also applies to parents failing to perform their duties without finding a replacement.

In future, any athlete who fails to attend and compete, or a parent that fails to perform their duties, without due cause, at Representative Carnivals will result in the athlete being:

(i)            ineligible for further selection; and

(ii)           excluded from end of season Centre awards.


Centre Awards

The Centre has 2 main awards schemes. The first one is a merit award scheme to encourage athletes to participate during the season. The second one is the end of season awards.


Merit Award Scheme

The Centre conducts a merit award system to retain enthusiasm amongst all the athletes. It is based on a point score system to give each athlete an aim of achieving 500, 1000 and 1500 points. At the end of season awards athletes are presented with a Merit Badge based on the band of points they have reached. If an athlete has not managed to reach the minimum band of 500 points then they will receive a participation merit badge.


Points for the merit awards are based on the following table and are accumulated during the year:

Placing’s in each race or event gain the following points:

1st Place:   20 points               5th Place:  12 points

2nd Place:  18 points               6th Place:  10 points

3rd Place:   16 points               Competed:  8 points

4th Place:   14 points               New PB:   6 points, Equal PB: 1 point


End of Season Athletes Awards

Various awards are presented at the annual Presentations. These include:

  • Junior and Senior Encouragement Awards (based on perseverance, dedication and application);
  • Junior and Senior Athlete of the Year;
  • Sportsmanship Award;
  • Rookie Awards to the best new athlete in each age group (excluding under 7);
  • Improvers Awards (the athletes who demonstrate the most improvement in performance, based on the number of P.B’s. achieved, awarding the top 3 in each group up to U12’s and 1 to each group in the U13–U15 age groups;
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best overall athletes in each group.

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best overall athletes awards are based on a points rating system different to that used for the merit award scheme for the achievement of 500, 1000 and 1500 points as detailed above. To qualify for consideration an athlete is required to compete in an event greater than 60% of the time it has been conducted.

Points are allocated to the top 6 performers during the year in each event an age group contests however only each athlete’s 10 best events count. The three athletes with the most points receive these awards. The matrix is completed by each Age Manager and points are based on the season’s results summary, not a weekly points tally.

All Age Managers make written submissions for the above awards that are then reviewed by the Selection Committee.

Any queries should be referred to them in the first instance. A serious breach of Manly Warringah Little Athletics Code of Conduct may result in exclusion from end of season awards.