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2022/23 Age Managers

Following is a list of the names for each of the Manly Warringah Age Managers for 2022/23. If you would like to fill one of the vacant age managers positions, or have a general question please contact our Manager of Age Managers via
Age GroupGirlsBoys
U7Lara Williams
Gabriella Taylor
Fitzgel Spliet
U8Rebecca Weir

Claire Moses

Mark Creelman
Ian Thompson
U9Emily Hatfield
Annika Ehnbom
Al Gillett
Chris Hopkins
U10Gabrielle Cambridge
Shelley Allum
Tim Maillet
Maja Paleka
U11Ali MillerHannah Creelman
Dave Barrett
U12Tanya McNaughtan
Amanda Whiteman
Darren Wood
Trevor Smith
U13Ashleigh Carter
Heidi Williams
Elma McErlane
Andrew Davis
U14Mike Christie
Mel Moran
Melinda Greenaway
Alberto Jordan
U15TBCJames Tizzard
U17Ian Poschalk
Robyn O’Reilly
Dom Hatfield

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