MWLAC NSW representatives

The following Manly Warringah Athletes have represented NSW at National Championships:

1972B RyanB Harrison1973G Allan
1974G KirkM Gray1975D Westerway
19761977S Perry
1978L Sharp1979C Emmerson
J Jones
N Liestenschneider
S Cleary
19801981P Mapstone
1982K Sirotic
A Connolly
1983T Pauli
19841985N Farquhar
1986A Marov1987A HayesN Farquhar
S Dorney
1988C Woodoff1989
1990A Hayes1991J Murphy
1992P TaylorF Dowling
P Elvy
A Nappin
1993P Elvy
1994S Fraser
N Haines
1995P Elvy
D Geddes
1996D Donnelly
L Wright
1997L BurnesD Geddes
19981999E Wood
2002E Pollett2003
2004T Morton2005K Thompson
20062007E Bettiol
S Hulme
2008A Bettiol2009

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